Archetype Quiz: Insight About a Concern

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inside_4-3020Archetypes are energy patterns in the collective unconscious that humans align with to organize their personalities.  When discovered, an archetype can release energy and create numinous clarity!  Focus on a current concern, read the statements, find the one that has resonance today, click and you will see an archetype and its characteristic.  Nurture that characteristic for the day, print the coloring page if you want to color a little to strengthen the  embodiment. Make the characteristic your own.   Bring new insight to the concern….

A few of the 27 statements… go to the page to see the rest… get your archetype of the day!

I feel things before they happen.

It feels like a new day.

I am able to right wrongs.

I can get the financial and legal resources I need.

I feel equilibrium.

Things are going my way.

I feel deeply connected to spirit.



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