Gaia for PTSD Healing

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Stacey Henline, a licensed counselor and doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University, used the quizzes in Archetypal Imagery and the Spiritual Self: Techniques for Coaches and Therapists for breakthroughs with her clients. Stacey says…

I have been able to help guide clients back to healing faster, and more thoroughly by using techniques from this book, and allowing my client to learn more about themselves by being aware of the Archetype that they connect with, and how this can be a connection they can make to find their way back within spirituality in their healing journey.

One of her clients was a paramedic who had struggled with finding meaning in her religion, This client suffered from PTSD because of the trauma she experienced in helping people who were near life and death from car accidents or heart attacks. Stacey, the counselor, felt if she could open to her spirituality it could activate her healing. Stacey tried the Archetypal Deity Quiz, and her client found Gaia. There was an immediate connection, since Gaia is the protectress of the Earth, and the client, as a paramedic, protected lifeGaia gave her a connection since her job was to was to protect people. She found strength in her job and her role as a paramedic. Once she had found the archetype, she did research and used the archetype to find strength and trust in herself and reawakened her mission to protect life. She found comfort and moved away from feeling empty, letting go of needing to find answers. Stacey reported that her work with the client in the framework of Emotional Transformation Therapy found traction after the identification with Gaia.

The Deity Archetype Quiz, has a variety of statements for a person to say they identify with. These are the statements in the quiz that belong to Gaia.

I would do anything to protect life.
I put myself out to help others.
I feel others use me to get what they what.
I consider myself powerful.
I am extremely creative.


Gaia’s characteristics are protective, earthly creative, sustaining, wise, everlasting. She is the Greek Earth goddess, and she and her mate Ouranos birthed many beings, including the Cyclops. Ouranos did not like the Cyclops and wanted to destroy them, so Gaia hid them in her depths. She asked her son Cronos to deal with Ouranos. Later, Cronos heard a prophesy that his son Zeus would dethrone him. Cronos wanted to kill Zeus, but Gaia protected Zeus, by pretending to help Cronos swallow him, but instead she had him swallow a stone. Zeus became a great god, and Gaia protected her children and her grandchildren and the Earth. Does Gaia spark your fancy? What would you do to protect life on the Earth?

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