Becoming Energized & Feeling Connected with Your Spiritual Purpose


figure 6.45

So what??? I think I’ve created this amazing process to awaken folks to their spiritual Self, and when I do workshops I get 7 people, maybe 8 people. When I had a talk at the eminent independent book store, Boulder Book Store, there was an ice/snow store, and 8 people showed up. But my daughter for the first time, said, “I understand.”  It was worth it. Can you change human consciousness 8 people at a time? Maybe. In Cuba, where Castro created a literacy explosion, the motto, was “Each one, teach one.” So, maybe.  Maybe if one person wakes up.  You know Ram Dass, said, “When you wake up, you can’t go to sleep.”  So if one person wakes up, that means, he or she or they are an energy transformer.  That individual is ALIVE. Pure, energetic consciousness is coming thru, so that just being next to that person turns on the energy of the person next. If that can happen, maybe, more and more people can wake up.  What does that mean?  Energy, alignment with spiritual purpose, engaged spiritual practice, whatever that may be, prayer, meditation, walking, poetry. So, yes.  Visualize or image an archetype, any archetype. It is a safe aperture to the unconscious, releasing all that stuff humans don’t need, story-lines, insecurities, slights, and possibly traumas, prayers.  Then the spiritual Self can talk to us with insight, giving clarity about what to do, what to say, what to observe to move spirit forward into the human experience for love and compassion.

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