Living in Front


Ganesha BW

Taking my deity quiz, Lee honed in on Ganesha, resonating with the phrase “the remover of obstacles” and seeing that he symbolized wisdom. What happened next opened Lee’s inner world.  Lee Palmer, my PhD student and an Executive Coach for Marquis Leadership, was on a path of self-actualization for herself and those whom she coached. When she found Ganesha, it soon became apparent that she had lived in front of this archetype for a long time and he was integral to her journey.

Carl Jung the psychologist who gave us the moniker for the collective unconscious,  said all people live in front of an archetype.  Little humans seek an energy pattern to organize their personalities, and it happens in an unconscious way. Once, I got a fortune cookie that said, “if you don’t run your unconscious it will run you.” Finding the archetype that you live in front of, that has organized your way of being, opens a channel to the spiritual self  in the unconscious. Consciously finding your archetype is like opening up a window.

Synchronicity started happening for Lee. Synchronicity remember is an event seemingly happening by chance, but turning  out to have deep meaning. Finding Ganesha and learning about him triggered Lee to be aware that he was all around her, hiding in plain sight.  Her shower curtains had elephants on them.  She had a Tibetan tapestry in her house with an elephant which she had bought in Tulum, Mexico.  Her brother had a series of elephants tattooed on his arm.

Elephant Shower Curtain(1)

As she read Ganesha’s story, and bought more images of him, she developed a more accurate picture and resonated with the quality of removing obstacles.  Lee said, “Little traces of my identity aligned with him, the remover of obstacles. It became a grounding energy, his essence in the picture. It was comforting.”


Lee continues, “In my coaching practice, I like to talk about beginning, middles and endings, for people to be aware and find some balance with those three. Personally, I like beginnings which fits with Ganesha.  He prompts me to remove obstacles as I think through the middle and end. I extend this to help people find their own way of removing obstacles.”

Lee says, “I love that archetypes have different meanings for different people. You find what you need. I am a curious person, striving for wisdom. I want to help people get to their wisest self. One of my strongest influence was my father. He died two years ago.  If he were an animal, he’d be my elephant too.”

LP n CP(1)

Grounding is what Ganesha is all about for Lee.  She ends by telling me the screen savers on her phone and computer are elephants.

Lee’s business

Lee and Annabelle’s grad school

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